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Top 3 Reasons Why Your Health and Wellness Business Needs a Blog

Are you blogging for your health and wellness business? You should be! Here’s why. 

Running a health and wellness business means sharing your unique passions with the world, and helping people live their healthiest lives. It’s important work! 

As a business owner, you probably have a million things on your plate on any given day. You have to balance working with clients with all the other aspects of effectively running a business. This includes marketing your business online so that you can continue to grow and serve people for years to come. 

As a part of your marketing strategy, you may have dipped your toes in the water of content creation, with things like social media captions or brochures. Usually, blogs, a longer form of content, are put down at the bottom of the to-do list. 

You may actually like writing, but just don’t have time to hammer out a thousand words a week for your website. Maybe you don’t love writing, but know that words have power when it comes to marketing efforts. Or, you may have simply noticed that most legit businesses are utilizing blogs and vaguely know that your business could benefit from blogging but aren’t sure why. 

I think blogging is a great move for your health and wellness business, and I’ve seen it bring my clients some excellent results. I’m going to share three of the most important reasons your health and wellness business needs a blog. 

Why Blogs? 

If you’re a business owner, you know the value of marketing. I mean, it’s a huge part of running a business that’s around for the long-haul. Marketing has changed a lot over the years, and one marketing strategy with some major staying power is content marketing. 

As Seth Godin, well-known entrepreneur and marketing guru once stated, “Content marketing is the only marketing that’s left.” 

So what is content marketing? 

Basically, content marketing involves sharing content for free with your audience. The purpose of this content is to build your brand and ultimately get your audience to trust and buy from you. Content can come in many forms like podcasts, YouTube videos, social media posts, and yes- the almighty blog. Most businesses use a combination of content types. 

As a health and wellness business owner, blogs are a great addition to your content marketing strategy. Let’s get into the specifics of why. 

1. Establishing Expertise

As a health and wellness business, people really need to feel like they know you before trusting you with something as important and/or personal as their health. In order to build this trust, you can use your online content to establish yourself as an expert in your field. 

Branding is an element of marketing that is all about helping your audience get to know you. Blogs can be an excellent branding tool because they’re a really great opportunity for you to let your brand voice shine through and prove to your audience that you know your stuff. 

Blogs engage and inform. They grab your audience’s attention and keep them engaged with entertaining material. Blogs can also be used to inform your audience about the details of your business that you don’t always have the opportunity to share, including all the relevant experience you have that makes you an expert in whatever space you are in. 

When you post blogs that are 1) engaging and 2) informing, your audience will actively consume what you’re putting online. Then, they start to feel like they know you personally and really understand your business. Your audience begins to feel like you’re a source they can trust. This makes them more likely to take the next steps of working with you. 

2. Organic Website Traffic 

So clearly, this is huge! 

Organic traffic to your website means people are stumbling across you online. This can be pretty difficult to pull off unless you have taken the time to get really intentional with the content of your website. 

These days, when someone has a problem that they would like solved, the first place they turn is Google. If you can solve that problem for them, then ideally, your website pops up in the first page of search engine results. 

Search engines want to bring people the best results for the specific questions they are asking. If you have blogs on your page that answer these questions, then Google will point people your way. This is especially crucial for online businesses! 

For example, let’s imagine you’re a health coach. If someone is curious about health coaching and googles a phrase like, “benefits of health coaching” wouldn’t it be cool if your website popped up with a blog that answered that exact question? 

Now, you’ve not only established yourself as an expert in the eyes of this reader, but you’ve also brought someone that is already interested in the kind of work you do right to your website. 

3. Repurposable Content  

Another reason blogs are great? They have a long shelf life. They live on your website forever, and if written well, will be showing up on Google search results for years and years to come. 

On top of that, you can repurpose a blog in many different ways. You can use snippets of a blog for creating info-graphics and turn those snippets into several captions for social media. One blog can give you enough content for weeks to post on socials, which ultimately saves you time and effort. 

You can pull from blogs again and again and get more bang for your buck. Though blogging for your business is a bit of a long term strategy, once you start building some momentum, the results can be powerful. 

Hire a Functional Medicine Copywriter/ Holisitic Health Copywriter

Blogs are the best way to keep your audience engaged and informed. They help you build trust and establish yourself as an expert in your field. Blogs can help people find your business online and can be repurposed again and again for everlasting content. 

With blogging, consistency is key, so it’s a great idea to hire a health and wellness copywriter to write blogs for your business on a regular basis. Copywriters know how to incorporate keywords that build that organic traffic. Professional copywriters write in the unique brand of your business and help you establish a cohesive online presence. All of this is important for marketing your business so that you can keep doing what you love, serving your clients and helping the world be a healthier and happier place. 

Hi, I’m Bailey Petrucelli, a holistic health copywriter for health and wellness brands. I specialize in writing for Functional Medicine providers, Naturopathic providers, health coaches, holistic health coaches, nurse practitioners, and health and wellness brands. Please reach out to me if you want weekly blogs, website copy, Instagram captions, or any other type of marketing copy/content. Remember, get a copywriter that knows how to write copy and knows what you believe in.

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