Not only will I save you  an abundant amount of time (hours a month),  but you will be able to relax knowing that I have know what functional medicine actually is (unlike other copywriters out there).

I help grow women-owned medical/health practices by creating engaging, personality-packed, and informative content through story telling that builds  online presence through trust, authority and connection.

I provide unique alternative health copywriting services to Functional Medicine, Naturopathic, Integrative, and Holistic Health coaches marketing team.

One-of-a-kind functional medicine copywriter

Let's create some personality-packed copy + content

I love getting to know my clients through their social media pages like Instagram. When I know your personality and hobbies, it helps me create personalized content for you! Not only that, I just love supporting and encouraging fellow hard working women!

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I'm Bailey- a Medical Copywriter

However, it lead me to build this functional medicine marketing/ copywriting business. I absolutely LOVE what I do! As a functional medicine copywriter, I take pride in learning and promoting individualized health every single day through research and writing- it can’t get much better! Oh, actually it does. I get to support incredible, intelligent, hard-working women while doing so!

I've personally worked with a functional health coach and know what it's like to heal the gut, ditch the mom fatigue and experience better sleep than I have in years. I'm also addressing a thyroid and estrogen issues BEFORE it turns into serious conditions. I know your clients' pain points because I was one of them. 

My passion in alternative health entered my life during college. Once I personally saw the benefits, I couldn’t look at health the same way again! Ironically, I attended pharmacy school (interested in getting patients off  their medications!) but had to drop out because of pregnancy complications with my first son.

kombucha lover. life-longer learner. Beach OBSESSED redhead.

I personally try to practice what I preach in the blogs I create. I love eating whole organic foods, exercising in nature, practicing yoga and meditation, and living a toxic-free and sustainable life {as best as possible!- it's about progress, not perfection, right?}.

When I'm not typing away, you can find me in the garden, hiking with a baby attached, or reading a personal development book. I spend my days dreaming of the beach and exotic places I want to visit with my family. I am adventurous by nature, giving my husband a panic attack every other day - sorry, love!

I'm a mama to two sweet boys and a wife to a humorous husband.

Favorite Breed of dog:

Golden Retriever


Charleston, SC


Early morning walk, farmer's market then an adventure

Favorite Self Care Activity:


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