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How to Market Your Health Coaching Business in 4 Ways: Are you missing a BIG piece?

You became a health coach for a reason. You have a passion for wellness and want everyone to be able to experience healing and true wellbeing. 

You know that you have vast personal experience and a unique style of coaching that can bring about GREAT transformation for your clients. 

But when it comes time to market your health coaching business so that you can actually share your gifts with the world… well, you’re a little lost. 

Marketing is an aspect of the business that you can’t do without. It’s how you ATTRACT CLIENTS and MAKE SALES. It is ultimately what gets you paid and how you can sustain your business as a health coach.

But, I get it! You got into coaching to help people, not to become a marketing guru! That’s why I want to share some simple tips for marketing your business online that anyone can do. You don’t have to be a digital marketing expert or have an MBA to get these strategies to work for you. 

Four must-haves for successfully marketing your health coaching business online: 

  1. An Email List
  2. A Blog
  3. Social Media Presence
  4. A Health and Wellness Copywriter 

There’s a lot that goes into building a good marketing strategy for any business, but I want to provide you with some general tips that can help you when it comes to marketing your health coaching business online. 

Let’s dive into detail regarding these four different approaches to marketing and how you can use them to find clients and build your business as a health coach. 

How To Market Your Health Coaching Business Online

Thanks to all the possibilities provided by the internet, most coaches these days choose to work with clients virtually. This allows them to work with anyone, anywhere and carve out a life and schedule that is perfect for them. 

Marketing efforts have mostly moved online as well, which means to make your place in the coaching world and get health coaching clients, you NEED a good online marketing strategy.  

It can be a little daunting, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are some proven methods of online marketing that work for many types of businesses and that will definitely bring you RESULTS for yours. 

1. Grow your Email List

Email marketing is HUGE and can be a great way to market your health coaching business. Email campaigns can be used to promote your latest course or program; Weekly newsletters can help your audience get to know you which builds their trust in you as a potential coach. 

Emails can have a MASSIVE reach with lots of possibilities for helping your business grow. The first step in effectively using emails as a marketing tool is to build your email list. 

The best way to collect emails and build your list is to create a “lead magnet” for your site. A lead magnet or “freebie” is basically a free product or service that you offer in exchange for someone’s contact info. 

Pay attention as you browse the web, you will see that many websites have a “pop-up” offering you something free in exchange for your email. This is how you can get someone to voluntarily provide their information so that you can send them newsletters or promotional emails. 

As a health coach, your lead magnet can be like a little sampling of your offerings. This is a win, win because it gives potential clients insight on what your programs are like or what it’s like to work with you and it also puts them on your email list. 

Once a client is on the email list, then they can begin to receive newsletters from you. You may choose to do this once a month or you may ramp up your emails leading to a big launch. 

We could get really in depth regarding email sequences, but we’ll keep it simple. Just know that collecting emails is really important, and that once you have an email list there are several different platforms for sending out polished email sequences to your contacts. 

Building your email list over time is a really great long-term strategy that will help you take your online health coaching business to the NEXT level. 

2. Create a Blog

If you’re looking to bring organic traffic to your website, a blog is the way to go! 

Health and wellness is a HOT topic right now, which you can use to your advantage. Use your personal knowledge and passion to create blog topics around the things that you want to help clients with. 

Blogs are an AWESOME way to build your business and ESTABLISH yourself as an EXPERT in the health coaching space. 

Blogs are a great opportunity to: 

  • explain to your audience more about what you do and why 
  • help you highlight your experience
  • create a cohesive message across your platforms

Blogs are also great because they are a type of content that can be recycled several times. You can share bits and pieces of a blog on social media or even turn a blog into a newsletter or infographic. Having a lot of content online is always a good thing when it comes to marketing your business. 

AND MY FAVORITE…. possibly the most important thing about blogs is….SEO! This stands for Search Engine Optimization. Blogs help incorporate the keywords that you want to be known for and organically drive people to your site.  

For example, if someone types, “What is health coaching?” into Google, wouldn’t it be awesome if your page popped up?  

A well written answer to that question via a blog post can make that happen. Blogs are a powerful form of content marketing that you should definitely take advantage of as a health coach. 

3. Use Social Media as a Marketing & Branding Tool  

It’s likely that you are already on social media, either for your business or personal use. If you are on socials, then you’ve seen businesses using these platforms as marketing tools. 

Using social media is an AMAZINGLY CRAZY way for businesses to establish an online presence, build a brand, and cultivate trust amongst their audience. 

You can use social media to find clients by creating an online community and actively engaging with it. You can think of it as networking. You never know what connections you might make online and what they could turn into. 

If you’re not already actively using social media, it can be a little overwhelming to start. Don’t feel like you need to be on every single platform everyday. I actually recommend just picking one that you like the most or are most comfortable with and show up there consistently. 

If it’s Instagram, set aside a few 10 minute intervals each day to get on and interact with your community. This means responding to DMs and comments, showing your face on stories, and posting consistently. 

There are many other options for socials including Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin, and Twitter. Remember, you don’t have to master them all right away. Build your following on one platform and you can revisit others down the road. 

Social media marketing is here to stay. As a health coach, this can be a great way to connect with potential clients, promote your offerings, and ultimately GROW YOUR BUSINESS. 

4. Hire a Health Copywriter

If you are a health coach, you have likely made the investment to work with other coaches or mentors in the past to help you get to where you are on your journey. 

This means that you know the value of investing in yourself and your business. 

When working on your marketing strategy as a health coach, hiring a professional to help you is an extremely SMART INVESTMENT for your health business. 

There are many different types of marketing professionals out there, but the versatility of a good copywriter, can help you through various stages of your sales funnel or marketing strategy. 

A health copywriter is a professional writer that can help you successfully complete the three steps listed above and more. A health copywriter can help you create your lead magnet, like a freebie or PDF guide. They could also craft your email sequence that goes out to your list. 

A holistic health copywriter can even write SEO friendly blogs that attract visitors to your site, make you show up in Google search results, and encourage your readers to TAKE ACTION (like sign up for your program!). 

Some health copywriters even specialize in social media, meaning that can help you with the captions or creating your content marketing strategy. Health or medical copywriters know how to optimize your content and copy so that everything works together to highlight your brand’s voice. 

Another cool thing is that many health copywriters niche down just like coaches. Some health and wellness copywriters work specifically with coaches or specialize in things like women’s health or functional medicine, meaning that you can find a health copywriter that understands your business and can write about it effectively. 

Market Your Health Coaching Business & GROW!

To really flourish as a health coach, you have to attract clients and make sales. Of course, there are so many different ways to go about this, but if you’re not taking advantage of marketing yourself online, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. 

These tips above can help you successfully grow your health coaching business through online marketing, but you won’t see results overnight. Patience and persistence are key for any marketing strategy and eventually, you’ll be rewarded for your efforts. 

Ready to Market Your Health Coaching Business?

Hiring a professional copywriter can help you get it right the first time so that you are able to market yourself online effectively and start attracting clients. This allows you to focus on the real reason you got into health coaching- to start sharing health and healing with the world! 

If you want to bring a copywriter onto your team to save you TONS of time and actually increase your audience and sales, then reach out to me! I’m Bailey Petrucelli, a holistic health copywriter. I’m a copywriter for doctors, nurses, health coaches, health companies, and more!

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