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You might be struggling with creating content, having the time to create content, or you just don’t want this to be another task you have to stress over. You treat patients, not write for a living. I get it. Here are some ways I can help you as a medical content writer.

Are you completely overwhelmed with trying to market your medical services?


Monthly Blog 

work with me

$1200 USD/ Month


Efficient Communication 

Stock Photography Related to the Blog Post (if needed)

One round of edits

Delivered in a ready-to-go format so you just copy & paste

Blogs Delivered via Google Docs

Call to Actions

Optimized for SEO Keywords, Headings, and Formatting

Includes links to scholarly articles and journals

Thoroughly researched topics 

Unique Content That Is Targeted to Your Ideal Client

Blog of 1000 Words

4 Blogs/ Month delivered on a weekly basis

What's included:

Blogs also help increase your google search visibility for integrative and functional medicine providers in your area. With ‘Call to Actions’ at the end of every blog, your readers will be more likely to contact you for advice and care.

Consistent quality blogs allow patients to get credible expert knowledge from your website in order to build up trust. Blogs provide an explanation of conditions, treatments, medicines, new technology, and research. Patients will be able to rely on you for more information and treatment options when they need care.

To save you time, I can write continuous blogs for your practice’s website so that you can focus on your patients. I create content that will get your business more traffic and increase your search engine visibility.

Having a quality blog is a great new marketing strategy that physicians all over the country are utilizing. However, it is incredibly time consuming if you want to stay consistent and reap the full benefits of blogging. What you need is a medical blog writer!


Monthly Email 

$300 USD/ Month


Efficient Communication

One Round of Edits

Specially Chosen Stock Photography Related to the Email Post

Contains 300-500 Words 

Call to Actions

Unique Content That Is Targeted to Your Ideal Client

2 Emails/ Month delivered on a bi weekly basis

What's included:

All you need to do is set up an account with an email service provider (like Active Campaign) and send me topics that relate to your audience, I do the rest. I create the initial template so all emails are consistent with your branding. This initial template design fee is waived with a 6 month or longer contract. 

Emails allow you to stay connected with your readers and subscribers. This helps you build relationships, educate potential clients, nurture leads, and can increase participants for specific health programs you are promoting.

Delivered via Google Docs

Marketing Subscription

Ultimate Content

learn more about me here

If we are doing this long-term, you might want to get to know me as well! 

*** I require a minimum of a 3-month contract for my subscriptions. Since it takes time to see results from blogging (3-6 months), I only want to offer a service that benefits you! Please inquire about longer-term contracts that come at a discounted rate!

$1425 USD/ Month


Everything in the Monthly Email Subscription

Everything in the Monthly Blog Subscription

What's included:

Emails, Blogs, Instagram - You want to be everywhere. BUT… you don’t have the time to write all that content! When you sign up for the Ultimate Content Marketing Package, you get it ALL! Say hello to increased SEO and engagement!

If you are ready to go all-in on your marketing, this is the perfect package for you. You see the benefit of online marketing to promote your medical services and know that this is where you need to be showing up.

Web Copy Package

(50% upfront deposit / 50% paid at project end)

$2000 USD


1 Additional Page





5 Pages of Copy

What's included:

This is where I come in. I help physicians and healthcare providers create high-quality websites that build the reader’s trust and attract potential patients.

I will ensure your site is up-to-date and contains valuable content that readers will benefit from.

You will be attracting your ideal clients because your copy will focus on your high ticket service items and the ones you genuinely enjoy doing the most!

When a patient is looking for a provider, the internet is their best friend.
The first thing they do is search the web to find the most personable and trustworthy physician available. It’s vital that your website sticks out.
However, you likely don’t have time to worry about if your site is standing out amongst other providers. You’re busy seeing patients and focusing on how to make them healthier.

SEO Keywords

Call to Actions

Homepage Wireframe

Extra Bonus Included:

Once you start working with me, I can also create opt-ins like PDF Guides, Ebooks, Flyers, etc depending on my availability for the month. These are priced on a case to case basis. 

One time Projects

Frequently Asked Questions


I also can write in a tone that attracts your ideal clients. I’m not just writing blogs that could be for any practice. I take information about your ideal patient’s pain points and integrate your ideal medical treatments into the blogs. This way your readers get a feel for your unique practice and medical services, which helps attract clients you actually want to work with!

Unlike a regular copywriter, I have a background in biology and chemistry, as well as experience with lab and clinical research. I’m also always teaching myself about functional and naturopathic medicine by reading books and watching seminars. This helps me provide expert functional medicine copywriting services.

Unlike many big scale copywriting companies, I specialize not only in medical copywriting, but specifically in alternative medicine. 

Do I create the website design or just write the web copy? 

As a copywriter, I just create the copy (the words) for your website. However, I can offer recommendations on website designers that I’ve personally worked with or that past clients have worked with that they highly recommend. 


I recommend posting at least once a week to see increased organic traffic faster. For this reason, my smallest package is 4 blogs/ month. This way you can really build your authority in your niche and offer as much information to your audience as possible. Also, with each blog post, your website has more keywords and one more opportunity to come up in the results from a search engine like Google. 

How long does it take to see results from blogging? 

Organic traffic takes time to build. Posting consistent content to your site will increase your monthly views, but patience is needed. It may take 3-6 months to start seeing the results from your blogs. Having patience and staying consistent is the key to amazing results. Content marketing is a long term investment - but worth every penny when those clients start flowing in on their own!


The blog packages include the copy delivered via Google Docs. However, I do have amazing Virtual Assistant recommendations!