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8 Essential Tips For Creating an Effective Health and Wellness Website

Creating an effective health and wellness website doesn’t have to be hard. I’m here to share 8 essential tips to creating an AMAZING health and wellness website that converts readers into clients and customers.

So you’re a healthcare provider who has put a lot of time and energy into education, training, and growing your knowledge base. 

Your main focus is providing excellent service to your patients and helping them stay healthy. However, you still have a business to run, which also means you’ve got a ton of other responsibilities on your plate.

And since people have endless options these days for healthcare providers online, it’s SUPER important to make marketing your business a priority so that it continues to grow.  

One key thing for marketing your business online is having an effective health and wellness website that attracts the right audience to you and builds their trust in you as a provider. 

As a health copywriter, I know how important it is to fine-tune the copy (aka the words) on your website so that it helps you grow your healthcare practice. Here are some important things for you to think about when creating a website and writing your website copy:

  1. Attracting the right audience
  2. Providing readers with clarity
  3. Focusing on the reader
  4. Clean formatting
  5. SEO
  6. Building authority
  7. Leading the reader
  8. Hiring a health or medical copywriter 

Let’s look into these eight tips in further detail and talk about how they can help you create a great website. 

Building Your Health and Wellness Website as a Health Provider 

These recommendations will be super helpful if you are just starting out and building a website from scratch. 

But what about if you’ve been in your wellness business for awhile? It may be time to reevaluate the effectiveness of your onlines presence and revamp your website! 

Here are some signs that it may be time for a website overhaul:

  • You’re offering new services
  • Rebranding
  • You’re not aligned with your current copy
  • You’re embarrassed to send clients to your website
  • You aren’t seeing the results you want 

No matter where you are in your business, having a website that you’re proud of is important! 

What’s even more important? 

A website that brings you results and helps you grow your business. Let’s dive into how you can make this happen! 

1. Attract The Right Audience 

As a healthcare provider, you probably have a pretty good idea of the type of person you’d like to serve and who can you best help. You may even have a pretty specific niche. 

You can use your speciality to guide the creation of your website. Think about your potential client or patient’s pain points- about the problem that you can solve for them and how you can solve it.  

Your website is a great opportunity to make sure that you are attracting the right audience to your practice so that you can serve the right clients. The copy on your website needs to be written in a way that makes your target audience feel like you are speaking to them directly. 

2. Provide Your Readers With Clarity 

This also falls in line with attracting the right audience. Your website needs to be very clear and concise and explain who you are and who you serve. This is how website visitors will know if you are the right fit for them. 

When people do an online search, they are seeking the answer to a question or for the solution to a problem, your website needs to answer their question directly or show them how you are their perfect solution. 

Most web searchers don’t want to spend a whole lot of time on a website, rather they scan pages quickly looking for an answer, so the first impression matters a lot. 

A good, clear headline can help you provide your readers with clarity, so they know right away if they want to stay on your site to learn more. This is NOT the place for a whole lot of fancy medical jargon. If they feel confused, they won’t stay on your website very long, so the copy needs to be focused and easy to understand. 

3. Make Your Site About The Reader 

This one can be a little tricky! It is your website after all, so it seems like you’d want to make all of your web copy about you and your health and wellness business. 

Of course, you will be describing your business and what makes your practice unique, but you also need to be mindful to make your copy more about the reader. It may sound harsh, but it’s true, most people care more about themselves than the details of your business. 

Readers are looking at a site to see how you can help them. So avoid the tendency to make even your “About Me” or business bio a long and detailed account of you. 

A good website strikes the right balance of giving enough information about yourself and your experience and relating that experience to why it should matter to someone else. Good web copy empathizes with the reader and makes them feel seen and heard. 

4. Utilize Clean Formatting 

Clean design and proper formatting is another big one! So you don’t want any huge chunks of text on the screen; you want very small paragraphs that are easy to read- I’m talking one to two sentence blocks. 

Keep in mind that many website visitors will be using their cell phones, and what looks like a smaller paragraph on a web page, but take up several lines in the mobile view. 

Additionally, the menu on your website should be simple and direct. You may be tempted to get creative with your navigation bars, but really it’s best to keep it basic. Once again, you don’t want to confuse anyone as this will lead them to leaving your site. 

A site with proper copy formatting and clean design can draw the eye in the direction you want people to go. We’ll get more into why this is important soon. 

5. Incorporate SEO keywords 

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it is an extremely important part of building an effective website. 

Basically, you want your website to be optimized with SEO keywords so that it is easily found through a google search. For example, when someone is searching for a physician or healthcare provider, they will likely search for “X” in “whatever city”. 

What you should aim for is being on the first page of search results, as most readers will never make it to page two. This can be a little tricky when you live in a larger city with dozens of healthcare providers. 

The way you can make this happen is through really thorough and knowledgeable content and the utilization of SEO keywords. The right keywords can help your page show up in the list of google results which obviously is really important for driving traffic to your page. 

6. Build Authority

People want to know that they can trust a business before spending their money there. And when it comes to something as personal and important as healthcare- trust is an even bigger factor. 

There are many ways that you can build authority on your website. One way is by having informative content like blog posts or videos on your site that highlight your expertise in a certain area. 

It’s also a great idea to include testimonials from people that have already worked with you. Many people take a good testimonial to heart as it can help them get an idea of if your services have helped other people see results. 

Lastly, if you or your work has been featured on any other publications, that’s a great way to build authority as well. So for example, if you were a guest on a podcast or have blogs featured on another website, you should definitely include links to those things as they help prove you know you’re stuff. 

7. Lead The Reader 

So another important part of writing out your website, is to make sure that every section plays a part in leading the reader where you want them to go. 

Your website needs to lead the reader to the next step, whether that be booking a free consultation or scheduling their first appointment. Where you lead the reader depends on the goal that you’d like to accomplish. 

Trying to build your email list? 

You can also lead the reader to provide their contact information by offering some sort of freebie like a PDF guide or special workbook so that you can add them to your email list. This can be a pop-up or a landing page and is super important for building your business through email marketing. 

It’s also important to include call to actions (or CTAs), throughout the website. These can be incorporated in various places throughout but should be appealing statements that make readers excited to take the next step. 

8. Hire a Expert Holistic Health Copywriter 

Ultimately, the BEST way to have effective health and wellness website copy that helps your business grow is to hire a expert health copywriter. 

My name is Bailey Petrucelli and I write SEO optimized websites that convert for functional medicine, naturopathic, and holistic health and wellness providers. 

If you need help with design, I also collaborate with a great web design company so I can make sure that all of your copy and design work together for the best results. 

As a busy healthcare provider, it can save you time and energy to offload the website copy and design to a professional. This allows you to focus on the other pieces of the business and keep doing the work you LOVE. 

It can take a little time to optimize your website, but it’s worth the effort! Your website should work for you to effortlessly attract clients to your door. Hiring a health copywriter can help you get it right the first time so you can be sure your website is doing its job. 

Fill out an inquiry form if you’re ready to create a website that you’re proud of and that converts!

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