Customizable PDF For Your Health Business 

This is perfect for:
- Busy providers who don’t have the time to create an opt-in, but still want to grow their business.
- Providers who don’t want to spend a ton of money on a copywriter and graphic designer.
- Soon-to-be graduates who want to build up their email list now, so when it comes time to open their practice, they already have a huge list of leads.

Are people visiting your site, but you have no way of following up with them?
Don’t lose another lead that could’ve turned into a potential client/patient! 

Educate your readers, build authority, and most importantly, grow your email list to gain more leads

Ready to start collecting leads and gain more clients?

What You Get

Ownership to customize and use this high quality Holistic PDF Guide on your site.

A fully customizable 16 page PDF that has all the content written up for you, saving you hours of precious time.

Template created and can be edited using Canva (May have to sign up for the 30 Day Free Trial to edit)

You can add in your own brand colors, logo, and can even insert your picture and information on the “About” page at the end to really make it your own

A PDF that not only gives detailed information on the impact of Diet, Toxins, Mindset, Stress Management, and Movement, but gives actionable steps to creating a healthier and happier life. 

No more lost leads!

A growing email list!


Only $230.00

At least a $800 value...