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Thinking about Starting Your Own Health and Wellness Business? READ THIS.

Building a successful health and wellness business from the ground up is a dream for many people, and if you’re in the health and wellness industry, being able to serve people and share your wealth of knowledge while being your own boss can be the best of both worlds! 

Starting your own health and wellness business might be your calling, but there are a few important things that you should keep in mind before taking the plunge. 

I’d love to share with you a little insight into starting your own business, so that you can make informed decisions regarding this next big step in your life and career. 

There’s a lot that goes into running a wellness business 

When you’re daydreaming about starting your own health and wellness business, what do those dreams look like? 

Are you envisioning the freedom and flexibility that comes with working for yourself? Or maybe you’re thinking of the perfect program, resource, or idea that will help your future clients heal? 

When you’re imagining those details of your health and wellness business, you’re likely thinking of the people you will impact and the life that you’ll get to carve out… not the pile of responsibilities that comes with starting a business from scratch. 

Now, wait. Don’t let me scare you. Starting your own business is extremely rewarding and though it takes a lot of hard work, it gives you the autonomy to make your own decisions and create a career that feels meaningful to you. 

When I first started my own copywriting business, I wasn’t completely aware of how much work would go into it. There are definitely some things (both good and bad) that I wish I would have known beforehand. 

I’d love to share some things I’ve learned over the years with you. 

  • Do Your Research
  • Have a Plan
  • Marketing is CRUCIAL
  • Know Your “Why”
  • Don’t do it Alone

Do Your Research 

If you’re reading this blog and others like it, then you are making strides in one big area of starting your own business- doing your research!

You need to gather as much information as you can so that you know what you’re getting yourself into. Fortunately, there are so many amazing resources on the Internet with tips on starting and running a successful business. 

You’ll also want to do some digging into the specific industry you are wanting to be in. See what other people in the health and wellness space are doing. Check out your future competitors. Let them inspire you, not deter you. 

Though you may never feel 100% prepared to take the leap and start your business, doing your research and being informed can keep you from rushing into any decisions and help you take the next steps with more confidence.


Have a Plan 

Ok, so this one may be obvious, but you’re really going to need a plan!

A lot of the times, when we get super excited about something (like launching your amazing business idea) it can be easy to dive in without thinking. 

BUT. If you have a plan in place before you start your business, it will be much easier to sustain with much less stress. Of course, your plan will inevitably change over time, but if you start outlining some key components of your business beforehand you’ll be able to handle the curveballs that come your way much easier. 

Some things you need to think about:

  • What’s your product or service? 
  • Finances- how much does your business need to make each month? 
  • What risks are involved? 
  • Your niche- who are you serving? 
  • Your target market- what’s their demographic, how will you reach them? 

This is just a small portion of the many things you’ll need to consider before starting your health and wellness business. You may already have a lot of these things in mind! Others may become a little more clear as you continue to do your research. 

Marketing is Crucial 

So while you’re making that plan, you definitely should think about how you will market your health and wellness business. 

Marketing is a huge component for the success of any kind of business and is something that you’ll need to start strategizing early on. 

The way you market your business will depend on a lot of different factors, but know that it will be crucial to have an online presence and to use your platforms to promote your business. 

Consider hiring a professional health and wellness copywriter to help you with the copy and content on your website. A good copywriter knows how to engage with an audience and encourage the audience to take action. This means more people following you on social media, signing up for your newsletter, or scheduling an initial consultation- all of which are super important for building and sustaining your business. 

Think About Your Brand 

Along with marketing comes branding. You can think of your brand as who you are and what your business represents and marketing as how you share that with the world. 

As you’re hashing out the details of your business, start considering how you’d like to present yourself online. Think about how you’d like to communicate with your customer and what emotions you’d like your online presence to invoke. 

You can also hire a professional to come up with colors, logos, fonts, and images that help you create a consistent look and recognizable brand. Having a good brand will make it easier to plan your marketing efforts and grow your business. 

Know Your “Why”

Why do you want to start your own health and wellness business? 

What is going to keep you motivated when you’re burnt out, sleep deprived and you run into yet another obstacle on your business journey? 

Getting really clear on your mission and knowing your “why” will be what helps you get through the inevitably challenging times of running a business. 

Being rooted in your purpose helps you stay connected to your goals and will inform your business decisions. It’s ok for your “why” to be multi-layered. Get clear on your true reasons for wanting to start a business early on and come back to those reasons when things get hard. 

You don’t have to do it alone

So this is a very important thing to keep in mind before starting your own health and wellness business. 

You don’t have to do it alone

In fact, you really shouldn’t! Don’t be afraid to ask for support and remember that there’s only so much that one human can accomplish on any given day. Getting some help along the way is truly the best way to accelerate the growth of your business and keep yourself sane in the process! 

Get a Mentor (recommendations below

I’ve greatly benefited from working with mentors that have experience with starting their own businesses. Having the support of a mentor can help you level-up much quicker because you’ll get the advice and knowledge of someone that’s been in your shoes. 

There are so many great coaches and mentors out there with amazing resources to help you build your business. Maggie Burghoff offers great health business programs and mentor services for aspiring health business owners.

Gracie Thomas is a health and wellness marketing and business expert launching a go-to platform for health and wellness professions, called the Building Better Collective , which I also highly recommend. 

Starting your own health and wellness business is no easy feat! Getting a mentor early on can make the bumpy road a little smoother. 

Hire a Health Copywriter, VA, Manager, and More 

Of course, it may not be possible to hire a team right away, but keep in mind that as your business grows hiring the help of professionals is essential. 

Whether it’s a virtual assistant, a bookkeeper, a copywriter, or a social media manager, offloading some of the tasks within your business can help you grow exponentially. Hiring professionals saves you time and effort and is crucial for running a legitimate business. 

Think of the cost of hiring help or joining a coaching or mentorship program as an investment in your business. And like all good business investments, these things will definitely pay off. 

Running your own health and wellness business is EMPOWERING!

Working for yourself involves taking big risks and making huge decisions everyday. It means putting yourself in uncomfortable situations and facing your biggest fears again and again. 

It involves working through your own personal shadows, the limiting beliefs, self-doubt, and negative stories so that you can step into your power and use your unique gifts to serve the world. 

Starting your own health business will be one of the most challenging things you ever take on. It will also be one of the most empowering. If you’re feeling called to create your own health and wellness business, having a plan and being willing to invest in your business early on can make your journey a little easier. 

Always trust your gut and get prepared for the biggest personal and professional transformation of your life! I promise it will be so worth it. 

Are you thinking about starting your own health and wellness business? Follow me on Instagram to get health copywriting tips and get in our business circle of wildly successful health and wellness professionals. 

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