When Should You Hire A Medical Copywriter?

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When Should You Hire A Medical Copywriter?

Adding a medical copywriter to your team can be an amazing investment. The great part is that no matter where you’re at in your journey, a medical copywriter can be incredibly handy. Are you a newly graduated naturopathic student wanting to start your own virtual practice? Or are you a well-established business owner who has their own clinic and even hired more team members? Copywriting services can benefit both of these people as well as medical providers somewhere in between. 

The first thing you have to acknowledge is that you can’t do everything yourself! If you want to run a successful and sustainable business that is able to grow, you need others helping you along. Giving your time-consuming tasks away to other people allows you to free up time to focus on your patients (and allows you to take on even more patients). 

If you’ve been waiting for a specific time to hire a copywriter, let me tell you that there is no better time than now. Here are a couple of situations that you may currently find yourself in, and why now is the time to get a copywriter on board.

  • You’re A Newly Graduated Student Just Starting Out
  • You’re An Already Established Holistic Medicine Business Owner
  • You’re A Health Provider Who Is Ready To GROW Your Business!
  • You’re A Mother Who Just Doesn’t Have The Time
  • You’ve Realized Content Creation Is Essential But A Pain!

You’re A Newly Graduated Student Just Starting Out

So you want to start your own practice? You’ll need a website first and foremost, and it can’t be just any old website. You need the right copy (aka wording), the right branding, and the right website design. A medical copywriter works with you to learn your ideal client so that you are attracting those people from the start. The wording will touch on their pain points, giving them an idea of how they can benefit from your care. Some copywriters also have connections with website designers and branding companies for health and wellness in particular. This means they can work well together, making less work for you and a better website all around!

Not only that, but they can also create an email flow for your new email subscribers, as well as opt-ins to use on your brand new site! You can never start a blog too early! Get your medical blog running so you can bring in organic traffic before you know it, attracting patients without even trying!

You’re An Already Established Holistic Medicine Business Owner

Do you already have a successful naturopathic or functional medicine clinic with team members and other health providers? Hiring a medical copywriter can bring even more clients/patients, helping you to expand your business even more so. You are already busy managing the team, the last thing you need on your plate is to spend time writing up blogs for your marketing strategy. This is where a medical copywriter can save you HUGE amounts of time. You just give the copywriter the topics (and any specific points you want included) and they research it and write up the content. DONE. You’ll be posting educational blogs for your readers and attracting patients without any headache!

You’re A Health Provider Who Is Ready To GROW Your Business!

Okay, so you have some clients here and there but you want more. You want to create the dream you’ve envisioned, where clients are coming to you because they know you are the person they need. A medical copywriter can help you reach your goals. They can write blogs in the most effective ways that increase google ranking, reach your ideal patients, and encourage your readers to take action. They can help you stay consistent with posting. We all know consistency becomes hard when it includes time-consuming tasks that don’t show results ASAP (but I promise they will give results in the long run). 

You’re A Mother Who Just Doesn’t Have The Time

As a mother myself, I know time is precious. You are trying to grow your career, but also be an awesome mother and be present with your children. Sometimes delegating tasks to someone else is the answer to free up your time, create less stress, while still not putting your business on pause. Instead of spending a couple of hours a week trying to write your blog, emails, and social media captions, you can spend that time with your family. You don’t have to put these on the back burner. Stay consistent, and hire a medical copywriter. You’ll thank me later!

You’ve Realized Content Creation Is Essential But A Pain!

If you are over creating content every week or month and just want someone else to do it, hiring a medical copywriter is a good idea. You don’t want to get burnt out, but you also realize the importance of getting consistent content out there on your website and to your readers. A medical copywriter knows the medical field and can easily create quality content for you. Don’t think you have to do it all. There are people out there who not only specialize in creating medical content for the average reader, but actually ENJOY doing it! Don’t spend your time doing a task you despise. Hire a medical copywriter. 

So have you decided that you need a copywriter and realized you needed one like yesterday? Check out my previous blog on, What To Look For In A Medical Copywriter, to make sure you are hiring a copywriter that fits your needs. 

My name is Bailey and I’m a medical copywriter. I’m different from most copywriters and even other medical copywriters because I specialize specifically in functional medicine, naturopathic medicine, and other holistic health areas. You need someone who knows your particular niche so you don’t spend more time editing and explaining than you need to. 

As a functional medicine, naturopathic medicine, and/or holistic health copywriter, I offer packages that include medical blog writing, emails/ newsletters, social media captions, and web copy. I can also create pdfs for your patients or opt-ins to get people to sign up for your email list. Get in contact with me so we can get content created for you!

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